CloseProcess Data set: Electricity from Tucuruí power plant, at power plant, 1 kWh (en)
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Location BR
Geographical representativeness description Located in River Tocantins in the State of Para - Brazil. -3 45 South and 49 41 W.
Reference year 1984
Electricity from Tucuruí power plant, at power plant, 1 kWh
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  • ILCD: Tucuruí
General comment on data set Additional remarks: Diesel consumption derived from flow diagram in Pires, A.C. (2012) 2012Z. The LCI covers all relevant process steps / technologies for the construction and operation of an specific hydropower plant in Brazil. The inventory is based on data from power plant construction reports of Eletronorte. The dam construction started in 1975. The first equipments were installed in 1984. New equipments were installed in 2010. The current installed capacity of energy production of the overall system is 8.37 GW, which represented around 10% of the total installed capacity in Brazil. The estimate for the Tucuruí average electricity production is 7.21E04 GWh/year, considering a 60 years life span, which was the time frame considered for LCI modeling purposes.
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Time representativeness
Data set valid until 2046
Time representativeness description The dataset represents the country specific situation for hydroelectric power of Tucuruí Hydroeletricity Plant.
Technological representativeness
Technology description including background system Eletricity generation started in 1984 with a generation of 4,240 MW for the first phase, 12 generators with type 330 MW Francis tubines and 2 stand-by of 20 MW, resulting in 1.74W/m2 (MCT, 2006). Second phase after 2010 operating 11 tubines. (Pires, 2012). Reservoir has an area of 2,430 km2, and total volume of 45.8E+9 cubic meters. The dam has an extension of 8.0 km which 1.19 km is a concrete structure. (MCT, 2006).
LCI method and allocation
Type of data set Unit process, black box
LCI Method Principle Other
Deviation from LCI method principle / explanations The LCI method chosen was the "attributional method". No allocation procedure was made, due to the consideration of only one product and one function for the dam. Also, considering that only the ‘‘Definition’’ and ‘‘Inventory’’ phases of LCA were conducted in the original study, no impact assessment criteria definition was made. This process is a "gate-to-gate" dataset. Background emissions and burdens (e.g. from the production of materials consumed in the dam construction, transports, etc.) are not considered in this dataset, and should be modelled specifically for LCIA purposes. In the original study, complete system process data could be found.
Data sources, treatment and representativeness
Data cut-off and completeness principles The core of the product system under study is the Tucuruí Power Plant itself. Besides, the product system’s boundaries encompass the processes involved with the delivery of the basic materials for the construction and operation of the plant, such as cement, steel, copper, diesel oil and lubricants. It is important to note that the study addresses the construction and operation of the plant, but not the dam dismantling, according to previous considerations based on international experience (Ribeiro and da Silva, 2010).
Deviation from data cut-off and completeness principles / explanations None.
Data selection and combination principles The dam construction and operation were modelled using primary data from power plant construction reports, according to references. A questonnaire was prepared for gathering data.
Deviation from data selection and combination principles / explanations None.
Data treatment and extrapolations principles References were used in the search for missing data. No cut-off limit was established.
Data source(s) used for this data set
Sampling procedure The dam construction and operation were modelled using primary data from power plant construction reports (DIAS A. 2011). The steps used for the inventory follow below: - Characterization of the technologies and raw materials demanded; - Identification of the main aspects and determination of the adequate level of detail for each; - Quantification of the flows.
Data collection period The dataset primary data was collected in 2011 and 2012, taking into consideration data and informations published from 1988 to 2010.
Completeness of product model No statement
Commissioner and goal
Project IBICT "Adaptação de Inventários ao Contexto Brasileiro"
Intended applications This dataset was made for IBICT, with the ultimate goal to be disseminated publicly. It was made to be used in conjunction with the "Construction, Tucuruí power plant - BR" process.
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